Judetul Covasna



Comuna Haghig, as a promoter, in partnership with Gimnazial School Haghig and the Initiative Group of Fermei in the place Haghig implements the project

Access to education, a chance for children and young people from the roma community in the village of Fermei Haghig”

The project is being financed with the financial support of the program RO10 CORAI, program financed by EEA Granturile 2009-2014 and managed by Romanian Fund for Social Development

The project is aimed to provide socio educațional services în order to increase access to education for children and youth in the FERMEI community, Hăghig commune, Covasna County.The activities organized at the center are: social care services, assistance and education for 24 preschool children in risk situations; formal "The second chance" educational services, including trade school for 20 youngsters above the age of 14 who have not graduated from the mandatory general education; job qualification for 28 youngsters who did graduate from mandatory general education, but who have not obtained a diploma to certify the professional level; the certification of professional competencies acquired in alternative ways for 40 young people. Summer activities with 6-10 aged childre ”What 2 hands can do”At the same time, informal educational activities will be carried out, both for children, youth and for their parents, comprising: health education, financial resources management, environmental education.In order to provide an adequate setting for the provision of these services, a Day Center building was built, where there are carried out activities for 3-15 year old children as well as for 16-29 year old young people an a playground for children through PLUS financial facility. The grant is in amount of 1.159.118,92 Romanian leu, including PLUS facility. font>

At the date of 30.01.2015 in Cultural Club Haghig opening conference took place, project time marked by the press release issued for publication in local newspaper Mesagerul de Covasna.

You can find a few moments of the Conference of the opening and of the program "A second chance" lower educational qualification which started during the month of February 2015.

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